Living the Haola Paradigm Online Workshop Replay


June 24-25, 2023 (9 AM – 4:30 PM US Denver Mountain Time)

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This workshop will dive deep into how to choose and apply a Haola approach to life —All is Well, So be it!  The practice allows us to strengthen our energetic connection with the environment rather than distance ourselves, contract or become stressed. We begin to cease to identify with the difficulties of our lives, and instead focus on our own energetic responses to circumstances as they occur.

The Haola chant opens us to healing source energy while facilitating shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment. Entrainment synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to downshift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur).

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