Empowered Healing – Digital eBook


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Empowered Healing

Discover your True Healing Ability

Qigong Energy Healing for Yourself and Others

Learn and practice qigong energetic healing methods and principles to effectively realize the healing of self and others. This ebook will guide you to use the source energy to recharge yourself while in service of healing others. This is the most simple and practiced method used at the medicine-less Qigong hospital in China. It includes a downloadable audio (mp3) practice session guided by Master Gu.

This small but powerful book offers the essential teachings of Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong.

This ebook will teach and empower you to:

  • address any illness, sense of separation or despair and replace it with fresh, supportive, healing energy.
  • visualize and activate wellness on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, personal and societal.
  • deliver harmonized energy to yourself, to others, and to concerns or situations either in-person or at a distance.
  • see yourself as an integral aspect of the universal source energy
  • feel, cultivate and amplify your own personal ability to gather and release (or send) healing energy.
  • understand the theory behind the simple practices of Lachi and Fachi which are explained in detail.

This e-book (64 pages) is full of images that support your cultivation of visualization skills, as well as photos demonstrating hand positions and practice suggestions. All you need to truly empower your healing intentions is here in an easy to understand and digest format.

30 minute practice session audio provided in this eBook version.